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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Get down to Lara Boutiques this weekend !!

Enjoy a glass of wine at Lara’s this weekend while searching for that perfect party dress!!

Friday 27th Nov to Sunday 29th Nov. Up to 40% off selected party dresses and Rock and Republic , Guess and J brand jeans !!!! DONT MISS OUT

Lara Boutique, Unit 2, 231 Chiswick High Road, London, W4 4PU

Lara Boutique, 1 Dame Lane, Dublin 2Tel: +353 1 670 7951, Fax/Office Tel: +353 1 633 4516
Lara Boutique, 15 Terenure Place, Terenure, Dublin 6WTel: +353 1 499 1622 Email: Web:

Also Full Circle, Jovani, Rock and Republic and Rachel Gilbert just arrived .. call in and see our fab new stock!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Kohl Boutique

Kohl has relocated to Slane from Drogheda back in May , and with a beautiful bright and airy space it is not hard to see why. The trademark dark interior, with its plush and spacious changing area make for a relaxed and atmospheric shopping experience,and the free parking outside the door ensure ease of access.
The labels are international, along with Irish designers, yet there is a swing towards affordable pieces without compromising quality or style. Kohl has found the perfect balance between beautiful exclusive clothing, and great casual daywear that can be a fraction of the price.
Kohl stocks Schumacher, Orla Kiely, Humanoid, Tony Cohen, and To Love Tony Cohen, Les Petites...collection, Erotokritos, Ginger and Smart, Soaked in Luxury, Northlands, and new next season are Hoss intropia and In Wear. Accessories from Ali Nash, Fiona Paxton, Alexia scarves and great quirky hoisery from Omsa.
We specialise in beautiful pieces that you will cherish in your wardrobe, yet will be as wearable in a few years as they are now.
19 Duke St Drogheda Co Louth 041 9809400

Pink Champagne

Recession has hit the country and there is a very different economic outlook now compared to the last 10 years. However that has not prevented young entrepreneur, Isobel Mc Laughlin following her dream and opening a lush and unique ladies boutique in Clonee, Co. Meath. Spacious French style is the main theme in this boutique where you will discover exclusive brands for any occasion from casual weekend parties to weddings and gala evenings. The Boutique offers a relaxed luxurious and comfortable environment to add to the customers retail experience. The luxurious interior cossets the buyer and adds to the character of the boutique.The boutique stocks a variety of labels to suit all needs, most of which offer something innovative and different to today's discerning buyer. Most importantly there are labels to suit all wallets; after all, in our current economic climate we are all looking for value for money without compromising on quality and that is something you will definitely find in Pink Champagne! Pink Champagne is a one stop shop where you will also find fabulous bags, belts and jewellery to complete that fantastic outfit. Labels include; Ronan Chein, Fille Des Sables, Rene Derhy, Aftershock, Fever, Culture, Noli, Pomodora, Madeline, Rhinoscemento, LTB Jeans and many more to come! Proprietor Isobel Bird is on hand to provide a personal service to help find that perfect outfit. So ladies, if you want to beat the doom and gloom and be the best dressed lady for all those special events, Pink Champagne has the answer and ladies...... aren't we always in search of fabulous new clothes?!!

Pink Champagne, Unit 4, Abbey House, Main St., Clonee, Co. Meath, Ireland
Opening hours: Mon - Wed 10am - 6pm Thur-Fri 10am - 7pm and Sat 10am - 5.30pm

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fashion Stylist Delilah

Recycling your Little Black Dress

Recycling is the best to wear our clothes more often and for more than one occasion,Possibly the best investment that you can make for your winter wardrobe, the little black dress is the answer to every "What should I wear to..." question from cocktail parties to Christmas parties to class reunions or for the office. In a little black dress, large women feel slim, short women feel tall and any woman who wear a black dress with a few well chosen accessorise willfeel ready to conquer any party or social occasion.The beauty about the little black dress is that you can create many looks with it. There is a multitude of looks you can create with one staple piece. Here is how.To wear it in the office, go for a smart jacket, flat or high heels and neutral opaque tights. Team it with a blouse or skirt. Choose interesting accessorises such as gloves and scarf in different styles and colours to introduce interest to the look.For a more casual look in the office, loose the jacket and wear a cardigan over a top. Team it with boots or ankle boots.For a party look you have a couple of options. Firstly, Keep it really simple with high heels and a statement necklace. Or go for a rock style Team it with a ankle boots, cuff bracelets and leather jacketAnother option is to glam it up with a belt at the waist , black tights, coloured heels and a blazer jacketAccessorize your little black dress to really set off your look. A standout bracelet, a choker, or killer heels with a slim matching bag to add the final touch and heels are a must as they will help to elongate your legs and minimise your figure.My Top recommendations: The Little Navy Dress is the new Little Black Dress. Navy would flatter most skin tones. Invest in a good quality piece that will last longer in your wardorbe and will not date.

Enjoy!Delilah xx

+353 (0) 87 63 91 956

Monday, November 23, 2009

Leila Hafzi @ Chic Unique !

Leila Hafzi the exclusive range now available at Chic Unique Ashbourne Co. Meath
Stand out from the crowd for this festive season with a piece from this gorgeous organic and ethical label!

Chic Unique Killegland Street Ashbourne Co. Meath

Friday, November 20, 2009

Olivia Danielle Boutique Athlone

Oliva Danielle Boutique, 19 Church Street , Athlone

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Stylist Rita Mylett

You and Your Wardrobe - All hung up – literally

We torture our clothes. We do. A handful of you maintain very organized wardrobes (you know who you are), but many people feel satisfied if they can just get the item on a hanger and stuck back somewhere in the wardrobe rather than languishing over a chair or, worse, thrown on the floor.

Want to add a little sanity to your life and preserve your clothes at the same time? Then let's talk hangers!

I'm sure you now have a mental image of your own wardrobe and how your clothes are hung (or not). Perhaps when you open the door you see a pair of trousers thrown over a white plastic hanger next to a shirt on a wire hanger, next to a jacket on a squishy padded hanger (you got a set for your birthday). Or maybe you ran out of hangers so you have multiple pairs of trousers on one overworked hanger, a jacket you just got back from the cleaners still with plastic on it, and your favorite sweater hung on one of your children's hangers so it keeps falling off. It's a jungle in there, and every time you want to get dressed you have to tediously wade through too many clothes because you cannot clearly see what you have.

If your wardrobe suffers from hanger madness, go immediately to your local store and buy a pack. When you get them, replace all of the miscellaneous hangers (recycle the wire hangers) You'll be amazed at how it will transform your wardrobe!

Okay, how will this make a difference?

Uniformity. If all your clothes hang uniformly, you'll be able to see find each item quickly and easily. Even if you do not get rid of anything in your wardrobe, this will help it look significantly neater and more manageable.
Smooth the Bumps. You know those little bumps that appear on the shoulders of your favorite sweaters? They are caused by your hangers. If the sweaters are really heavy, fold them. If not, hang them on plastic hangers and they'll be much happier and bump-free.
Breathing Space. Wire hangers take up very little space. As a result your clothes hang closer together. Your clothes need to breathe between wearings so you do not have to wash or dry clean them as often thereby prolonging their life. By hanging them on your new hangers you allow (unless you have your wardrobe filled to capacity (please say you don't)) your clothes a little more room to breathe.
Swivel Top. Have you ever hung an item only to find that it is facing in the opposite direction from everything else? With the plastic hanger you just swivel the top instead of having to rehang the item or settle for being annoyed every time you try to see what you have. (Or, perhaps you are not as neurotic as I am, and this won't matter to you one little bit!)
Free Hangers. Well, almost free (you do have to pay for the clothes that come with them!). The next time you make a purchase at a clothing store, ask them if they will leave the item on the hanger. You will be amazed at what a difference this makes in the energy in your wardrobe. If you want to make this really easy, you can even just leave the box of hangers near your wardrobe door and use a new hanger every time you put something back in your wardrobe. No extra work is involved but over time (hopefully in only a week or so) your wardrobe will be transformed. And, it will let you easily see what you are and are not wearing so when spring cleaning time comes around it will be a breeze!
Rita Mylett -

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

US Celebrity Wedding Planner to attend Adare Manor Wedding Experience

Tatiana Byron Marx, wedding planner to the stars and owner and founder of 4PM events will be travelling to the Adare Manor Hotel to attend and speak at The Wedding Experience. Taking place on the 29 of this month, The Wedding Experience will be the first time that the Adare Manor have opened their doors to brides and grooms to be, allowing them the opportunity to see first hand how wonderful their special day could be at the Manor.

Tatiana, who boasts a client list comprising of Britney Spears, Puff Daddy, Kenneth Cole and the MTV Music Awards to name but a few will be running workshops throughout the day talking about 2010 trends and inspiring ideas, wedding dresses, d├ęcor, cakes, bouquets as well as planners tips and secrets for bride & groom.

In celebration of The Wedding Experience the Adare Manor will be pulling out all the stops. Guests will be treated to champagne, horse drawn carriage rides, workshops and tastings with head chef Mark Donohue, who will be launching his new wedding menu on the day, and a firework display as the grand finale. And the icing on the cake - one lucky couple will win a 5 night stay, including breakfast at the 5 star Taj Exotica Resort & Spa in the Maldives.

To register your details and receive an invitation to the exclusive Wedding Experience visit

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Recession Proof Your Wardrobe by Julie Cobbe

What do you do when the recession has pretty much evaporated your Fashion Budget? (First of all Get thee to the nearest Style Fish Class to find out how to shop smarter for you first of all!)

Secondly follow our money saving tips to show you how to be fashionable & fabulous with just a few pennies and some clever thinking!

  1. Always choose quality over quantity. If you but a top that’s €60 and you wear its loads it is better than buying three tops for €20 that you only have like but bought because they were cheap! Naughty naughty and it needs to stop! Its called working out the ‘Cost per Wear’. Think about some of the clothes in your wardrobe – think ‘how much did I wear that Item and did I really get value for money whether it was cheap or expensive?’
  2. Now is the perfect time to re-discover what is in your closet! Start looking at the Items at the back of your wardrobe with a fresh eye. Get creative and use magazines and websites for Inspiration. Change the buttons on a Jacket to sparkly diamantes for the festive season, shorten a hem, add a brooch – get creative!
  3. Don’t bin faded Black items. Use fabric dye to restore them to their former glory. It’s simple to do and costs no more that €5!
  4. Declutter your wardrobe and organise a clothes swap party with a group of friends who should do the same. Give the clothes you never wear a better home in your friends wardrobe and you get something new for nothing!
  5. Treating the clothes you already own to extra special care and attention means fewer replacement purchases. Little things such as catching stains early, using fabric softener, mending holes, sewing in missing buttons.
  6. There is always an enormous growth in sales of accessories during a recession because if money is tight a bag or a piece of jewellery will feel like an affordable treat and will totally change the look of your outfit.
  7. Best advice in terms of buying clothes is to invest in better quality basics (jeans, Black Dress, white shirt etc) and simply update these each season through accessories)
  8. Always go for fit instead of Fashion Fads. Don’t obsess over the latest fashion must have and instead focus on pieces that really suit you and that you need as you will get much more wear from them!
  9. Keep an eye online an din shops for money off coupons, vouchers, buy one get one free deals etc. they are everywhere at the moment. But remember a bargain is only a bargain if you will wear and love it!

Dahlia Boutique Winter 2009

3 Fields Terrace, The Triangle, Ranelagh 01 4979333

Monday, November 16, 2009

Zuku by KSO

Belts by Delilah

Belts: Skinny Vs Wide

Major statement accessories and much have it is the most multi tasking accesories from adding colour or edge to the look to flattering curves and enhancing your best features.

The Skinny Belt

Perfect for subtly accentuating a waist. Great on petite or tall and slimwomen. Avoid if you carry extra weight around your middle.

3 ways to wear it

Help to clinch your waist over a tea dress
Over your shift dress
Belted over your fine-knit cardigan

The Wide Belt

Perfect for the curvy girl to create or accentuate a waist. Great if you need to flatter curvy hips. If you have a full bust wear the belt on your hips as supposed to your waist.

3 ways to wear it

Over your coat
Over a fitted jacket
Over a high waisted skirt
Top tip: Choose the width of the belt if proportion to your frame. ie: If you are petite and slim the a thin will always look best on you.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Brand Called You by Rita Mylett

Today, in the Age of the Individual, you have to be your own brand. Here's what it takes to be the CEO of Me Inc.

It's a new brand world. Regardless of age, regardless of position, regardless of the business we happen to be in, all of us need to understand the importance of branding. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called Me. Inc

It's that simple -- and that hard. And, that inescapable.

The good news -- and it is largely good news -- is that everyone has a chance to stand out. Everyone has a chance to learn, improve, and build up their skills. Everyone has a chance to be a brand worthy of remark.

Start by identifying the qualities or characteristics that make you distinctive from your competitors -- or your colleagues. What is your best asset and clearest strength? Your most noteworthy (as in, worthy of note) personal trait?

The second important thing to remember is your personal visibility - it all matters. When you're promoting brand You, everything you do -- and everything you choose not to do -- communicates the value and character of you. Everything from the way you handle phone conversations to the email messages you send to the way you present yourself is part of the larger message you're sending about your brand.

Partly it's a matter of substance: what you have to say and how well you get it said. But it's also a matter of style.

Your dress implies more of your overall sophistication to your particular field and the world around you.

How can we dress down without crossing the threshold of revealing or plain inappropriate? With a few basic guidelines the modern woman can indulge in the fashion world – piecing together funky and dressy outfits that transition wonderfully from weekend to working day professional – without breaking the bank.

Often times a lukewarm outfit can be won over by a confident attitude in the way you carry yourself. “Chin up and back straight. This applies to your ‘show of attitude’. Let people know you are in charge – even if it’s just a pair of killer shoes that’s giving you the million dollar grin. Getting dressed for the office doesn’t mean leaving your personal style behind. Find out which style give you a professional look .

Your goal to getting dressed for work is to project a professional competent image regardless of your employment level or career path. The styles, colours, lengths and fit of your clothing choices will speak volumes about your ability to do your job. If you are concerned about your career you will be more concerned about looking professional than about looking cute and trendy.

For success one should have technical skills, communication skills, and interpersonal skills along with image skills. Those of us who are serious about our careers have invested a lot of time, effort and money in them. It doesn’t make sense to sacrifice all that by falling down in the image category.

Dress for success tips

  • Dressing for the office is about striking a balance between looking stylish and also looking competent, organized and ready for business.
  • Dress appropriately and blend in, yet maintain your personal style
  • If unsure go conservative. If you are interviewing for a job or starting a new job dress conservatively until you get a feel for how other people at the company dress.
  • Avoid a situation in which you have to be told what not to wear to work.
  • Less is more. Keep your look simple and successful until you become accustomed to the environment and learn about the companies dress code.
  • Wear fabrics that represent the season ie no wool in the summer and no linen in winter.


Accessories is a finale that lets the public know that this stylish woman pays attention to the small details and what could be a more important detail than the accessories that dress up your outfit.

Basic jewelry can be summed up in one word for the working woman that is pearl

Pearls are the perfect everyday accessory to dress up a suit at the office and after work to head out for the evening.

Confidence is the key to the game a frumpy outfit and a killer smile is enough to outshine any individual that fidgets and worries about how they look all the time, know what you stand for, trust your taste and go for it. Confidence exuded will only add that extra layer of flavour to your attitude

It's this simple: You are a brand. You are in charge of your brand.

‘Style is a matter of finding out who you are and who you want to be in the world. I hope you choose to be fabulous, daring, fun, inspired and most of all yourself,’.

Rita Mylett – 087 0506463

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Basler Collection A/W 2009 at Olivia Danielle

Olivia Danielle Boutique,19 Church Street, Athlone , 0906472707

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Let's talk about bags

Let's talk about bags

A must have accessory, a bag can make or break an outfit. Whether for daytime or evening, your bag should suit your lifestyle, your outfit, and your shape — do not assume that you can wear one bag with all your outfits. However this does not mean that you should have a wardrobe full of handbags. Instead, choose fewer good quality pieces that can be worn with at least two outfits. You will get more wear out of them and save money in the long run.
Every wardrobe should have a minimum of three bags: One day bag for rest or play (in a funky colour and fabric), one for work (in a neutral colour so you can easily match it up with your work clothes), and one evening bag (start with a neutral colour clutch bag) that will suit your outfit(s) for special occasions or nights out. Once you have this core collection, you are free to purchase more bags in interesting colours and styles.
When purchasing a bag, the price tag should not be the main factor of choice. It is what suits you, suits the occasion, complements your wardrobe, and what you like. You can find beautiful, affordable pieces in the high street, but your can treat yourself to a designer bag if you wish so long as it is the right one and you can wear it again and again with confidence.
As well as being stylish and practical, bags are also an excellent tool to make the most of your shape. Bags are great for drawing attention to your best features. For example, if you wish disguise heavy bump or tights, carry a shoulders bag (in a brighter colour) just under the arms.
By wearing a bag (with interesting colours, shape or details) in the hands or on the forearms, you will cleverly draw the attention away from a heavy chest.
If you carry most of your weight on your tummy, then a crossover bag will break the weight of the mid section.
If you are petite, you will always look best with a small to medium size bag as opposed to big oversized bags that will swamp you.
Bigger, oversized, bags will always look best on tall women.

For more information contact Delila on (087) 6391956 or visit

Bags are from Jasmine Boutique and are available at

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Winter Fair at Dalkey Castle

Close to forty talented Irish designers and craftspeople will be showcasing their work in the magnificent surroundings of Dalkey Castle and Heritage Centre at ‘Winter Fair’, which takes place on Saturday November 14th and Saturday November 15th. Organised as a free event by the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Enterprise Board, the popular annual two-day retail fair will showcase the talents of locally-based designers and makers.

With craftspeople representing the jewellery, interior accessories, knitwear, textiles, ceramics and fashion sectors taking part, organisers are expecting thousands of Christmas shoppers to attend Winter Fair over the two days.

Suzanne May, chief organiser of the Winter Fair, has been actively involved in the Craft and Design sector in Ireland for many years. “Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown is notable by the number of talented local businesses producing creative and exciting products. Our annual Winter Fair will give the public a unique opportunity to meet the designers and makers themselves and see the extensive range of fantastic goods not commonly available,” she said.

With free admission on both days, the fifth annual Winter Fair is open from 11am to 5pm in Dalkey Castle and Heritage Centre on Saturday November 14th and Sunday November 15th. Further information about the Winter Fair is available at

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Winter Coat A Stylish Investment

A stunning winter coat is a key investment piece as it will be one of the most frequently worn items in your wardrobe. And it will also be the first thing people will see when you enter a room, and you need to make a good first impression!

For these reasons alone, the purchase of a winter coat should not be done hastily. There are a number of factors to be considered before purchasing. The perfect coat needs to tick all the right boxes:

It needs to be practical and functional, a coat’s primary function is to keep you warm!

It must enhance your own personal style and body shape, fit and structure are paramount.

It should work with and enhance your existing wardrobe.

It needs to be multi-functional and interchangeable, it should take you from desk to disco!

A well fitted and structured coat can inject instant style and glamour to any outfit, be it jeans or an evening dress. Therefore it is important to choose the right coat that suits your body shape.

If you tend to be on the busty side (Lucky You!), it is advisable to choose single-breasted coats as they won’t pull and look stretched over the chest area. The key here is to keep any detail around the chest area to a minimum to avoid attracting further attention.

For those of us who are pear shaped, the double-breasted coat works well. The length here is also important, short coats falling at the hip will only add weight to the hip and bum area. The ideal length would be where the hem of the coat skims your thigh midway down, this helps to connect the hips and shoulders, which gives an illusion of slimmer hips and waist.

If you are on the petite side, fitted coats tend to suit best, otherwise you will swamp your already small frame. Short coats are most appropriate for petite ladies, as it will give the illusion of longer legs!

There are many different styles available:

Brocade The delicate pattern depicts an immediate sense of elegance and opulence.

Fifties The three quarter length sleeve of the fifties style allows you to be playful with accessories, particularly gloves.

Military These well cut coats in dark, rich fabrics have fantastic brass buttoning and braiding.

Classic The classic belted coat is great as it is suitable to all ages whether you’re 25 or 75!

Fur The fur coat immediately depicts a sense of old Hollywood glamour, and I must stress that I’m only a fan of the Faux variety, so hold the paint ladies!!

A few things to remember:

Make sure that you really love the coat, as you will be wearing it a lot over the Winter, and it has to make you look and feel great every time you put it on.

The quality of the coat is hugely important. When trying on, check for ease of mobility, particularly around the arm area and across the chest area. The fabric should not pull or stretch in these areas, plus seams and stitching should be sturdy and not loose!

You need to consider the fabric, is it easy to maintain, does it fit into your lifestyle? Genuine swede and leather, for example, can be notoriously difficult to maintain, plus they can be difficult to incorporate into your wardrobe and lifestyle, unless you’re a rock star or a biker. There are however lots of cheaper versions available which are easier to maintain, be careful though the cheaper versions can look,...well cheap!

A coat is a real style statement, and there is something innately sexy and stylish about a well-fitted, well-cut coat, regardless of what you are wearing underneath, your coat does the talking!

So keep warm and keep stylish,

Molly x

Friday, November 6, 2009

Calum Best to Re-Launch L'Amour Boutique

L'amour Boutique opened its doors Feb 2009, it was a lovely quaint little shop, but
due to huge demand Hazel of L'amour has moved premises and added a vast range
to her already large selection of clothing ! she now stocks vero moda, lipsy, rare, religion, Guess,
Pieces accessories, Uggs!
Calum Best is opening the store where there will be cocktails, nibbles, make-overs,
give aways, award winning nail bar and training school, ASU nail and beauty will be on
hand to take care of you.

Sugar Pink Boutique Galway Sale


Starting Friday 6th November - Saturday 14th November 2009

25% off all clothes and jewellery (excluding sale stock)

Call in for your Pre - Christmas bargain now

Don't miss this opportunity to get beautiful, elegant clothing at fantastic prices!!!!!!


SUGAR PINK BOUTIQUE – Located Downstairs in Corbett Court/Eyre Square Centre came under the new ownership of Tina Monroe in February 2008 and are stockists of Europe’s Top Fashion House labels from Paris, London, Italy, Greece and Denmark together with labels from further afield such as Australia and New Zealand. Most labels are exclusive to Sugar Pink such as Sonia Fortuna, Shirt Passion, Nicholangela & Esthis (among others) and cater for sizes 8-16.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Olivia Danielle Moschino Collection!!

Olivia Danielle 19 Church St Athlone Co. Westmeath 0906 472707

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Stylist Rita Mylett

"What jewellery should I own?" is one of the questions I'm constantly asked, so I decided to talk about my favourite jewels, which I think are always right for every taste, job, industry or occasion: pearls. Here's why:

Pearls never go out of style
They're available at every price point
They don't have to be real
Depending on how you wear or pair them, they can be sporty or dressy
They flatter every skin tone
They come in all sizes and lengths
They're extremely versatile
I received my first pair of cultured pearls when I was 21. Because I viewed them as special, I rarely wore them, and that was a shame because pearls become more lustrous with wear.

Many years later I began treating them less reverently. I would pile faux pearls on and wear my real pearls with them. I often still do that, varying the lengths and sizes, even mixing them with gold chains or lengths of chain and other stones. To get you going, here are a few of my ideas:
Because a single short strand of pearls looks very ingenue-ish, it can age anyone over 35, unless the pearls themselves are big (14+ mm), gorgeous and real.
The smaller the pearl, the more strands you need for impact.
For a tailored yet sophisticated look, fill in the neckline of a shirt with several graduated strands of pearls. Your silhouette will appear longer and leaner with lots of very long strands of pearls, which can be mixed with chains.
Add drama and interest to pearls by clipping a pendant or a brooch on to one of the strands. Use a brooch to shorten a strand of pearls. Determine the length you want your pearls to be and place the pin horizontally across the space between the pearls on both sides.
Select white, gray or blush pearls if you have a cool complexion and creamy, golden or peachy pearls if your complexion is warm.

And remember, you can wear any earring--gold, silver, stone or pearl--with pearls. They don't have to match.

Have a wonderful Christmas.
Rita Mylett