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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Harem Trousers

Harem Trousers: Fashion or Fairytale??

Love them or loathe them, the Aladdin-inspired Harem trousers are set to stay! They are visible everywhere, from the catwalk to the high-street, and it’s time to embrace this controversial trend!

Magic carpets at the ready we go!!

There are a number of different looks one can achieve when considering the Harem trouser trend, and this fashion genie grants you 3 great options:

1) Occasion/Evening

Keep the colour simple, stick with block colour from head to toe, you can’t go wrong with black for evening wear, and when it comes to fabric, satin, silk and delicate fabrics are effortlessly sophisticated and glamorous.

Combine fitted, body-conscious tops with the trousers, otherwise you will swamp your silhouette, and subsequently lose your feminine proportions. To inject further glamour, add some killer heels, to elongate your legs, a clutch and some ancient Greek/Turkisk inspired jewellery.

If black's not for you, you can incorporate colour subtly, with shoes and accessories, or mix in a suitably coloured top.

This look will take you to a dinner party, a hot date, or a night out with the girls.

2) Casual/Sporty

You can play around with this look, it can be worn day time with flats or funked up with heels and accessories to transition from day to evening. Just be careful if you are on the petite side, as flats combined with the harem trouser can highlight your shortness!! High-heels are best if, like me, you are slightly vertically challenged!!

Keep the fabric comfortably soft here, thing gym pants material, cotton tops and canvas runners or daytime sandals.

It needs to be comfortable for daytime, for me comfort is everything, except when it comes to shoes, I am a high-heel whore!! They say “you look good, you feel good”, however I’m of the belief; “you feel good, you look good”!!

3) Workwear

The Harem trouser can, absolutely, translate to workwear, just tone it down with work friendly heels and accessories.

It’s important to keep the baggy/ nappyesque factor to a minimum here!! You don’t want to turn up at work with everyone thinking you should have been dropped off at the crèche and not at your desk!! Go for a more structured, tailored shape, there are lots of tailored, flattering shapes available to suit all shapes and situations!

You should team this more tailored work look with a fitted blazer, and exchange bold accessories with a work appropriate scarf,... effortless glamour at work!

So there it is ladies, The Harem Trouser; Fashion or Fairytale?........You decide.....

And as always, be brave and have fun with fashion...


Molly xxx

086 2193440

From the Blogs

Style Profile Dianna Lundt New York City from the Sartorialist

A new Style Icon is born in a hoodie
Miraslava Duma is a wealthy Russian gal with killer style and oh-so beautiful hair. Screw Cheryl Cole this girl belongs on the L'oreal ads, although she may be even more difficult than our Geordie X-bomb to understand. (Angela Scanlon)

Hot Ennis Boutique goes online
Fantastic boutique Cornucopia, one of Ennis towns most well known stores, is following in the footsteps of many other major names and is going online! Their store, which is nestled in the market area (
Samsung & Hellwafashion designer spotlight: Das Collection
Considering us hellwafashionista’s are spending all week at Dubai fashion week with Samsung we thought it would be a fantastic idea to individually profile some designers involved in the show.

The Insanely Rich Kid Next Door – For proof that Silicon Valley is home to an especially clubby concentration of wealth, just take a short walk down a stretch of Palo Alto road. The one where Facebook’s young paper billionaire lives next to a young YouTube millionaire (Gawker)

Kate Moss Fulfills her Followers’ Christmas Wishes With New Collection – Fans of fashion icon Kate Moss certainly won’t have any problem writing their Christmas lists this year. That’s because this week sees the release of the British beauty’s latest Topshop collection, and this time around it’s sexier than ever. Featured alongside statement dresses and jewelled knitwear is Kate’s debut nightwear range. (hellomagazine)

Lust Have: Bobbi Brown Chrome Palette
Ok, ok. I give in. I happily showed you October’s Bobbi Brown launches a few weeks ago but you’ve all gone on and on and bleedin’ on about the just-about-to-land Chrome Palette so much I just had to dedicate a post to it. On counter from November, this is genuinely one of the best collections she’s done and at €65, very well priced compared to the Sterling charge of £59.(

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Irish Boutiques Supported by Pure London


Following the successful launch of its unique web based fashion portal in June 2009, is pleased to announce that it has been selected by Pure London to promote all their London Fashion Events in 2010.

Commencing with the London Fashion exhibition in February 2010 held at Olympia London, both companies will be collaborating in a number of different ways including a website link to ensure that retailers have all the latest and up to date information on exhibitors, dates etc.

British Boutiques is a state of the art fashion web portal and search engine for retailers, a cost effective alternative to own web site hosting with guaranteed visibility.

Conceived to enable retailers to benefit from the search engines ability to research and display Brands and Designers, fulfils the requirements of retailers by not only displaying what is happening in boutiques nationwide but also providing Brands and Designers with a platform to showcase their collections with online news and views of upcoming events in the British fashion industry.

The concept of this site is to enable Brands and Designers to display details of their forthcoming season collections, contact details and showroom dates, enabling retailers to source elusive and exclusive products to help grow and maintain their unique presence in the retail fashion arena and plan their diaries.

British Boutiques is working to consolidate the Fashion Industry into one unique web portal by bringing together retailers, brands and designers via a “virtual catwalk” to showcase the best the industry has to offer. To see your collection showcased to millions of potential buyers please visit today to see what we can do for you.

Pure London is part of Emap and is the UK's largest trade fashion event, with £100 million worth of buying done at the show or as a direct visit*, attracting over 25% more visitors than any other trade fashion exhibition in the UK.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

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The Slash Bag by Boyy from Jak&Jil X Factor Style Analysis
Here are our style talking points when it comes to the X Factor Judges and a couple of the contestants too! Has anyone noticed the fact that Simon has sorted out his wardrobe issues? more

Angela Scanlon : Jen is Bril
Once in a while I stumble upon someone who intrigues me. I've never seen her before but all of a sudden features I read, sites I visit, photographers I love are all talking about her. OK, so I sound like a perv and I'm not really, well sometimes but usual with men instead of women. Anyway, meet Jen Brill more

I Blog Fashion: Why we need Jedward
Irony. Such a lost art. Derided as a Gen X hipster accessory, the term has become almost obsolete, so much so that its definition has imploded. A bit ironic in itself, dontcha think? Thankfully where Ms. Morrisette failed to point the semantic finger, we have the Irish Xfactor hybrid Jedward more

Monday, October 26, 2009

My style guide to choose your jeans

Everyone should a have a couple of pairs of jeans in their wardrobe. They are so versatile and will take you effortlessly from day to evening.
If you are looking for jeans to suit your figure then look no further; For curvy girls bootleg jeans are a must as they will balance you out and reproportion your hips. Choose them very fitted at the thighs. Straight legs jeans are great for petite women or if you need to create more volume. Jeggings (half leggings, half jeans) are also a great option. For anyone who wants to camouflage a tummy, go either for a wide leg or bootleg denim with a high waist.

My top recommendations:
Buy your jeans very fitted on the thighs as they will stretch; for a slim effect choose a darker shade (the darker the shade, the slimmer you will look).

See you next week!
087 63 91 956

Friday, October 23, 2009


Hello Fashionistas!

I am the other half of that stylish duo, who I hope you are all talking about, Maeve & Molly Style Consultants! I am so excited to start blogging on Irish giving all you fashionable ladies my tips and tricks when it comes to all things stylish! I wanted to start on a high and chat with you guys about a subject I LOVE……Vintage! I figure the best subjects to blog about are the ones you know the best and after searching through vintage stores in New York, London, Madrid and Ireland I wanted to share with you some of my commandments when shopping vintage. Time, Time & More Time! –

When buying vintage the first thing you must have is time, and plenty of it! You can’t rush things when it comes to vintage as you really need to examine what you are buying and look around for the best pieces at the best price. If you are in a rush you may buy items that you later realise are damaged i.e. the lining of a handbag is torn, or that may need alerting i.e. broken zips. If you had seen these faults before buying you may have been able to get a discount to allow for the cost of alterations or dry cleaning.Smell and Feel! –

My sister thinks I am mad when I am shopping in vintage stores as I stand there smelling handbags and feeling the clothes like they are on the back of Johnny Depp!! There is good reason for this I swear! I smell the bags to see if they are real leather, if leather is what I am looking for. As most vintage bags tend to be very well made they may look like leather and have the price tag of leather but when you smell them they are just not the real deal! In that case if you still like it just try haggling with the shop assistant for a better price. As regards the clothes, I spend some time feeling them looking out for worn material or stains that I know just won’t come off after dry cleaning. Also make sure they don't smell too musty because, if so, the dry cleaning costs should be deducted from the price you pay.Look at the Labels –

Make sure you take a quick peck at the label as I have, unfortunately, seen clothes from high street stores like Penney's or Vero Moda, that may be five or six years old being sold in a vintage store! I don't think that a six year old flannel shirt from Penney's qualifies as vintage!It’s in the Sole – When it comes to vintage shoes there are a few little things to consider. A lot of vintage shoes will have leather soles, especially designer shoes, and these can get damaged by rain and wear and tear more than man-made soles. Take a look at the sole carefully and make sure the leather is not rotting; also, to make sure your vintage shoes last longer, it’s a good idea to visit your cobbler and get him to resole them as it is extremely likely that you will be walking in a few puddles in this country! As regards size, try the shoes on even if they say size 7 and you are a 5. Many of the vintage shoes I have I either bought in the States or they have a US size on them so they would not be the

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kate and Ava @ Ennis Fashion Week

Irish Designers "Kate and Ava will be taking part in Ennis Fashion week on Thursaday the 22nd of October in County Boutique. There will be wine and cheese, a pop up shop and Kate and Ava will be available to meet customers..
County Boutique, 57 O'Connell Street, Ennis, Co. Clare 065 682 1947

From The Blogs

The Cool Hunter

The Stylebitches: Sugarbabe Heidi breaks down on stage
What on earth is going on over at Camp Sugababes?! Heidi Range broke down on stage in Leeds last night during an appearance that read more

Angela Scanlon: Coca Cola 'Tribute to Fashion' Collabaration

Coca Cola Light has just launched their “Tribute to Fashion” range with a selection of delectable bottles designed by eight Italian designers (women only!). Donatella Versace, Alberta Ferretti, Anna Molinari, Blumarine, Veronica Etro, Silvia Venturini for Fendi read more

The Style Strutter: Isabel Marrant SS10
I know soooo many people blog about designer collections and it just gets boring but I couldn't resist posting some pics from Isabel Marants Spring/Summer 10 collection! I love love love everything about it!!! I want the entire collection:)! read more

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We Love Boots

Because boots are the winter must have, here are the most lust-worthy styles that will be wearing through the season and beyond.

Riding high
Fabulous and functional they will be your throught the cold months. Go for ultra classic, they will never dat
Knee high boots:
Universally flattering boots. Make sure they fit around your calf instead of squeezing you. Wear them with thick tights and short skirts for a change instead of leggings and skinnies.

Available from Inspire SHoe Boutique, Enniscorthy

Ankle boots
Legs lengtheners. Go for opaque tights to lengthen you legs more or bare legged for extra wow!

Available from Inspire Shoe Boutique, Enniscorthy

My recomendations: When it comes to boots the shape does matter. Look for heels that are in proportion to your calf. And make sure to be comfortable in.

See you next week!
087 63 91 956

Monday, October 19, 2009

From The Blogs


Hellwafashion: Dubai's Beautiful Fashionable Web-Site: The smart people at Melissa Beth, figured that fashionista’s like us would most likely be struggling to find a laptop bag we liked & they’d be right. So they sent us more

Nicky's Rag Tales:A few weeks ago I, along with some other Fashion Bloggers, was handed a bib, given a box of bling and some glue and told to go ‘Bling a Bib‘! read more You look like a star, you sound like a star and you totally made that song your own more

I Blog Fashion: Attention Galwegians. Check out Freedom's new home on Lwr. Abbeygate Street and net yourself some cool savings

The Savvy Shopper: ASOS have knocked up to 75% off selected lines and we’ve found some gems including read more

Friday, October 16, 2009

Ennis Fashion Week Events Guide

Saturday 17th October 2009 until Sunday 25th

In-store events and promotions in particpating stores, all week
2.00 pm
Launch of Ennis Fashion Week, in O'Connell Square, with Clare Rose, Audrey Flynn
7.30 pm
Exclusive screening of "The September Issue", at the Old Ground. Followed by supper. Price: €20 including Supper Contact: Lorraine on 086 858 8800

Sunday 18th October 2009
Afternoon of Fashion "Hollywood Glamour" at the Temple Gate Hotel, with stunning ranges of ladies and childrens' wear. Price: €25 for 1 Adult and up to 2 Children Contact: County Boutique on 065 682 1947 and Bambino’s on 065 686 4444
Tuesday 20th October 2009
"Costume Through the Ages" workshop at the de Valera County Library. Presentation is by the Hunt Museum . FREE

Wednesday 21nd Otober 2009
Health, Beauty and Wellness Seminar in the Old Ground Hotel with talks, demonstrations, 1:1 consultations and stands FREE

Thursday 22rd October 2009

Late Night Opening [until 8.00 pm] in particpating stores and Cocktail Evenings accross town

Friday 23rd October 2009
Ennis Fashion Week Style and Glamour Awardsat Queens Night Club with Celebrity Judges Margaret Nelson, Glenda Gilson and Lisa Cannon
Most Stylish & Glamorous Award
Student Design Award
Hair & Make-Up Awards
Price: €40 Contact: Bambino’s 065 686 4444

Saturday 24th October 2009
All Day
Final of "Hollywood Glamour" Window Display Competition

Sunday 25th October 2009
Sunday Opening by participating businesses

Thursday, October 15, 2009

From The Blogs Stellar magazine are celebrating their 1st Birthday! One year in the business and wow are they making an impact! We LOVE this mag – a great Irish production. Well done to all more

The Stylebitches: Now this is some mad, crazy, nasty stuff. Leona was in London signing her new book, when a male ‘fan’ approached her to have his signed. Instead of doing the usual crazy fan shizzle, like crying and proposing, he punched her in the eye read more

The Cool Hunter: As The Sartorialist has proven, Italian men really do have their own unique sense of style; one part old world gentleman glamour, two parts super chic. The Italian brand Noodle Park, has managed to harness this typical Italian style yet still retains an affordable price point. What’s with the name, you ask? read more

Fashion & Beauty networking event for Industry Professionals

Ireland’s first dedicated Fashion & Beauty networking event for Industry Professionals – ‘Style Network’ is coming to Palmerstown House on Friday the 23rd of October – 10am – 1pm.

Style Network will provide a platform and means for people in the Industry to meet up develop relationships, uncover new business opportunities, build business profiles and to showcase how we can all get very excited through networking about the future of Fashion & Beauty in Ireland! From Stylists, to Make-up Artists, Boutique Owners to Milliners, Fashion Websites to Hair Salons, Fashion Journalists to Image Consultants & everyone in between it will be an inspirational & informal opportunity for you to find new opportunities within the Style & Beauty Industry.Simply Click on the link on your Invite which will bring you to the registration page on our website or log straight onto to BOOK YOUR PLACE today!


10am – 10.30am – Tea & Coffee & Introduction to Style Network

10.30am – 11am – Guest Speaker

11am – 12pm – Speed Networking Session

12pm – 12.30pm – Informal Networking

12.30pm – Final Speaker & Goodie Bags
Well Done Julie Cobbe from

New Brand Fumblin Foe from Zuku

Fumblin Foe, a Contempory American label and new to Ireland, is now available at The Attic in Henry Street. Intricate touches, attention to detail, and special fabrics is how the brand is described.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

From The Blogs

Paris Fashion week
Picture from Irish Independent of Alexander McQueen by Getty Images : Grainne Seoige supports breast cancer awarness month
Gráinne Supports Breast Cancer MonthOctober is breast cancer awareness month and broadcaster and Patron of the National Breast Cancer Research Institute (NBCRI), Gráinne Seoige, is read more
I Blog Fashion: Joan Collins Does Glamour
When I was 8 years old, I wrote an 'About Me' essay. I lived in Blue Point, New York. I wanted to be a ballerina and my hero was Joan Collins read more
Nicky's Rag Tales: An Evening at Arnotts New Ground Floor Shopping Experiance
Anybody been to Arnotts lately? My invitation in my hand my BF Joan and I put on our glad rags and arrived outside Arnotts Main Entrance on Henry street in Dublin at 7 O’clock this evening read more
The Savvy Shopper: Fran and Jane Open an Outlet Store:
Calling all Fran & Jane Fans.They’ve just opened an outlet store in Dunboyne Co. Meath….ok so it’s a bit of a trek but you’ll pick up some Fran & Jane goodies at a discount! read more

From The Sartorialist

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Alila Celebrates Its 2nd Birthday!

Help Alila celebrate there 2nd Birthday with a glass of bubbly this Saturday 17th October from 4pm-8pm**(Note that they will be open from 10am as per usual)** Bring them a birthday card & receive a 15% discount!They will also be having a one-off Suecomma Bonnie Sale starting This Thursday the 15th – Sunday 18th October only. Up to 50% off the hand-made specially customised shoes!
41 Drury StDublin 2 (01) 6776904

Monday, October 12, 2009

Winter Coats by Delilah

Hello ladies!

Welcome to my weekly style Blog. Every Monday you will find great tips, recommendations and latest news on style and fashion . I hope you will enjoy it and i look forward to hearing your feedbacks.



Winter Coats

It’s one of your major investments of the season . Now is the time to shop for a coat that will see you right through autumn and winter. A coat is the first thing others see of you and gain an impression of who you are.
Here is a selection of winter coats available in the West of Ireland.

Add some quirk to your wardrobe with a red coat: it will never go out of fashion

Available from Pia Boutique Loughrea:

Military coat: arm yourself with a sharp coat Available from Frock Boutique, Wexford.

Belted coat is the easiest glamorous waist-cincher.

Available from Okinara House fo Fashion, Moycullen Galway

Available from Pia Boutique Loughrea

The trench: functional, ageless and timeless: from day to night and worn over anything

Avaiable from Demora Boutique, Galway

My recomendations: Find the cut and colour that will suit your shape and your complexion. Often, wearing your coat open will slim you down while revealing your outfit underneath. Buy a quality winter coat, and think of it in terms of investment dressing: Quality lasts, shows and feels good.

See you next week!
087 63 91 956

Friday, October 9, 2009

Swap Parties Swishing

Greetings fellow fashion gurus, my name is Molly, one half of the very glamorous styling duo called “Maeve & Molly”.

This week I am discussing the increasingly popular phenomenon of Swap Parties.
This may sound like some activity involving couples and the swapping of car keys, but in fact it is a fun-filled way of bagging yourself a spanking (pardon the pun!) new wardrobe.

Swap parties resemble a super-stylish dinner party with friends, whereby fashion replaces food, and let’s be honest this is not an alien concept within the fashion industry!!
So how does it work?
The main ingredients should include; your favourite galpals, fashionable but unwanted clothing(stain and rip free of course!), any accessories or shoes that you no longer covet but you think your friends still covet ( Beware of the Single White Females!)

We all have items of clothing or accessories lingering, unloved, at the back of our wardrobes, so what better way is there to exchange these for other items your friends may possess.
Safe in the comfort of your own, or your friend’s house, you can haggle and barter for nearly, new additions to your wardrobe.

A few tips if considering a party;

-Invite friends who tend to have similar taste in fashion otherwise you will come home empty-handed or with something you will never wear (kinda defeats the purpose!)
-Invite friends with varying sizes, otherwise the selection of clothing will not suit all guests.
-Ensure all clothing is washed, stain and rip free, afterall this is not the local dump!!

You might wonder are there certain do’s and dont’s within the Swapping Fraternity?
Well yes, there is one particular bone of contention when it comes to swapping items, and that’s it hygienic to swap pre-worn shoes??
My answer to this debate is swap, swap, swap, particularly if they are designer shoes, as there is a simple remedy to rid shoes of unwanted odour and bacteria, just place them in a plastic bag and pop them in the freezer, and puff the odour is gone!!! Genius....

So why not organise a party this weekend, invite your girlfriends for a fun evening of swapping shoes, clothes, accessories, unwanted gifts, even boyfriends, whatever you no longer need in your life,.. “one girl’s trash is another girl’s treasure”.

Be stylish and have fun....until next week


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Label Emami at Rococo

Emami is a new and fresh Scandinavian design exclusive to Rococo.Emami cooperates with young, innovative designers in making unique qualityclothing.The design is very avant-guard and is based on the theme of limitlessnessand multifunction.Emamis first release is the noted multiplex piece of clothing with whichyou can make more than 30 different styles, ranging from cozy pants to aball dress.
You can reach us at Rococo on our facebook page..

OR email...

OR by phone...
Westbury 6704007
Sandycove 2300686
Galway 091565856

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Some Women Just Don't Want to Settle by Julie Cobbe

Each & Every Day we are surrounded by marketing messages – “Buy this”, “Try that”, “5 Years Younger”. Our heads are buzzing with the possibilities surrounding us & our lives. The hopes we aspire to & the dreams that help define our being.
We want it all and we don’t want to settle. Think of your absolute favourite pair of Jeans. This is the pair you got right without even knowing the reasons why! It could be the cut, it could be the colour; it could be so many reasons. The point is you spent your hard earned money and you got it right! This is what we don’t just want some of the time, we want this all of the time. We no longer want to settle for mistakes or mismatches in our wardrobe or anywhere else. If fashion has thought our worn out wallets anything – it is the power of the dream. The power in that feeling of confidence when you’ve bought a dress you’ve had your eye on for ages. The flutter of expectation you feel when you think about the happy moments this Item has in store as you hand over your hard earned money.
Granted, we may not always get it right, but we have damn well put our heart and soul into our purchases. We’ve had the high hopes as we eagerly ran to the changing room. We have visualised inspired outfits concocted from the Item even before we’ve left the shop. This ladies is why in life as well as in Fashion – sometimes no matter how hard we try to make it suit us, how much we love it or how good our intentions – sometimes we have to admit defeat & tell ourselves it’s just not right for us, it is better get rid of it, giving it a better home in someone else’s wardrobe (step in Swop Shops!). It is ultimately better to have loved and lost than never loved at all.
But what these Items teach us is the importance of never settling – the perfect ones are out there, the ones we will truly love & cherish, the ones that make us utterly happy, without thin days, without compliments, without anything only the knowledge that we went out, picked it out, brought it home, got it right and loved it! Right or wrong, our reasons for purchasing are honourable; we continually have high hopes & unequivocally trust our instincts as we hand over our money. Sometimes we are right, sometimes we are wrong – but one thing’s for sure; we will never ever settle.

Julie has a Business Law Degree from UCC & following that worked as a Wedding Co-Ordinator in London where her love of Fashion really went up a notch! Julie has been involved and been involved in organizing projects such as Ireland's first ever Designer Wedding Dress Sample Sale ('Billion Dollar Brides') bringing hundreds of affordable designer wedding dresses to women across the length and breadth of Ireland! She has appeared on TV3's 'Xpose' and has written for numerous bridal magazines & newspapers on everything from fashion & weddings to life & love! Having a Passion for Fashion Julie qualified as a Style Coach in 2007 & set up Style Fish to give women back the power to feel 100% stylish themselves about all aspects of their Image, Clothes, Make-up, Hair, Shopping etc through a 7 week evening Class! It is about empowering women, giving knowledge, confidence & Inspiration in a fun and professional class setting. Julie says “Sometimes as women we can get disillusioned with what the press portrays as ‘fashion’ it can be daunting and a somewhat idealised concept, hence women get stuck in a rut of being someone they become comfortable with, but that image doesn’t necessarily excite them! That’s what Style Fish is changing!”

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Glass Slipper

The Glass Slipper is an exclusive Shoe boutique in Navan Co. Meath which offers the ultimate in glamorous and unique footwear and Accessories. With a French Boudoir feel and gorgeous interior it’s no surprise owner Deborah Harper has had a very successful first year of business. Suppliers of bespoke wedding shoes and Victorian wedding boots which offer true originality and quality it’s no wonder customers travel from all over the country. The Glass Slipper works alongside milner Gillian Hughes to offer handmade hats and headpieces to match each individuals outfit whatever the occasion. Whether it’s a trip to the races, Mother of the Bride or an evening ball the Glass Slipper stocks the finest brand labels in shoes, boots, evening shoes, handbags, velvet wraps and shawls all offering a price point to suit all budgets. This Boutique prides itself in its outstanding customer service by combining individual attention with top quality style advice and tips! Deborah and her husband are expanding the business by opening an online mail order, where you can browse her collections and buy online. For more information please visit The Glass Slipper, Preston Place, Trimgate St., Navan Co. Meath. (046) 907 1779