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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Fashion Insider : Reflection!!!

'As I reflect back on 2009 and polish off the remains of the Christmas Cake I can't help feeling that amid all the uncertainty and difficult trading there were enormous positives. Will we look back at 2009 as the year that defined who we really are? Had we really lost the 'run of ourselves' and have we now streamlined our businesses ready to take on 2010?
Personally for me 2009 was a positive year, a year where I sharpened up my business. As an agent I am always one step ahead and like many boutiques I focused on the add on sales with 'little and often' being the buzz words. Fashion trends battled between the 80's and the 40's. Lady Gaga sported shoulders of American football proportions while Joan Collins had the right idea and sold all her 80's power suits for charity.
Skinny Jeans, leggings and ankle boots marched on apace with the ankle boot outselling the humble shoe. Retailers sharpened up their businesses and spent more time at home rather than away. They offered better service, better prices and good old fashioned better buying.
On a personal note I joined a pack of Fashion Bloggers who present a unique take on the world of fashion. Some commentators say we're 'pissing in the wind' but with bloggers now sitting alongside Ms Wintour (who did her own about turn with her 'reality' documentary) I can't help but say 'watch this space'

Best Regards and a Very Happy, Prosperous and above all Healthy New Year,


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Fashion Industry Insider by Nicky Harris

Working as a Fashion Agent and since last July as a blogger means I have one foot firmly in the next Season and the other fixed in the present

Working as a Fashion Agent and since last July as a blogger means I have one foot firmly in the next Season and the other fixed in the present. Selling Fashion a season forward means that by the time the clothes hit the shops I am already finished selling the following Seasons ranges. If that sounds confusing it’s because it is! Right now as I struggle to get all the gifts and all the last minute cooking sorted for Christmas I find myself continually looking at my calendar for January. I see already that I have a range meeting early in January in South Molton Street, London where we will preview the next Autumn Winter Falke hosiery range. It’s a meeting I can’t miss as it’s really important to go through the range and predict what the strengths and weaknesses are before I see my first customer. I also have a Yummie Tummie range meeting in London later in the month plus a Jaeger meeting. A Nicowa meeting in Munich is sandwiched somewhere in between. It’s just my luck that the meetings aren’t concurrent which means that I will be spending huge amounts of time in that horrible tunnel hanger in Heathrow and the last time I went to Munich I got lost from the Airport and arrived in a bar with thirty Germans playing poker in an Industrial estate miles from my hotel at one O’clock in the morning! I won’t survive any of the travel without a good book and my Iphone. In between all that I will be planning and sending out invitations to all my retailers for the selling season which will start in earnest at the end of January. Organising the ranges as they arrive into the showrooms, ringing customers, talking and making appointments are all part of the lead up. Doing a spot on ‘Off the Rails’ another on Tubridy and writing a daily blog are just on the side…. Phew I’m getting tired just looking at the list.

Oh by the way if any of you great Irish boutiques owners are reading this and don’t have a website I’d like to know why? Ireland is a small country going through what can only be described as a torrent of difficulties. Don’t hide your particular unique brand under a bushel. Shout it from the rooftops and put yourself out there…

Available from the Glass Slipper Navan

Brands include,Pedro Miralles,Roberto Botella,Pilar Abril,Lodi,Hispanitas,Virus,Esino,Lazamni and Jamie Mascaro.Our styles and prices vary to suit everybody.The majority of our boots are leather,and they are created from the finest,soft authentic leathers. You can buy online from

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hot Party Shoes!!

Hot Party Shoes
If you are heading for a Christmas party, your accessories are incomplete without some dazzling pair of party footwear. Put your best foot foward this party season with some of exquisite party shoes.
A gorgeous pair of red shoe is all you'll need with your little black cocktail dress. Team it with red tone tights to elongate your legs or wear them with skin tone tights colour for maximum impact.
You can rarely go wrong with black shoes. And if you are attending a formal occasion this Christmas, an awesome pair of black evening shoes is just the ticket.
If you prefer taupe shape is perfect not just for a night out in the town, but for the office as well. Pair them with sheer colour tights for longer and slimmer looking legs.
To stand out in a crownd go for frills and colors.
Get in touch with your animal instincts with leopard print shoes from Nozomi Shoes in limerick and Ennis. Versatile enough you can team them with a simple dress and opaque tights or a pair of skinny jeans.
Go for gold with a pair of gold shoes. They will make a spectacular entrance and enviable exit. Let's not forget that they are at the same time classic. Ten years from now, these very same shoes would make a grand entrance and exit all over again.
Christmas Gift Vouchers
Gift vouchers for Christmas are now available — a personal gift of style for friends, family, or colleagues. Contact Delilah 087 63 91 956 or log on to
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Monday, December 14, 2009

The New Victoria Secret Ad By Michael Bay

Golden Egg Fashion Innovation Awards

The fashion innovation awards presented by golden egg productions is a contest for fashion designers and fashion students from fashion colleges throughout Ireland, showcasing the highest expression of creativity from the most innovative designers in Ireland.

Finalists from each category will be selected to come to Galway on 18 March 2010 for the Golden Egg Fashion Innovation Awards in the Radisson Blu Hotel.

This is the first ever Golden Egg Fashion Innovation Awards coinciding with the 10th birthday celebrations of GALWAYnow Magazine. GALWAYnow and its sister magazines, LIMERICKnow and WEDDINGSnow, continually aspire to showcase the most cutting-edge designers, giving young, up and coming designers an invaluable connection to the public.

“The awards aim to give visibility, support and a voice to young talent from every corner of Ireland, North and South, offering a fantastic opportunity for their work to be shown to a jury made up of fashion design and journalism experts,” says Managing Director of Golden Egg Productions, Patricia McCrossan. The finalists will be profiled in the magazine and receive radio and television press coverage, in addition to becoming part of the magazine�s online database of talent.

The deadline to enrol is 17 Dec 2009, with formal sketches submitted as per attached briefs by Friday 22 January 2010. Finalists will be announced on 1 February.

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Bloggers Part 1 : Whisty

I started the blog because there are always a million things I see every day that I want to scream and shout and write about. I was working for a monthly magazine but there was always this great fashion news that needed instant coverage which can’t happen in a monthly mag and so Whisty was born. I just wanted to share the important or beautiful or unusual things that I see, with other people who might just appreciate and love them as much as me.

So Dublin? What I love about this city is that there is so much local fashion talent alongside the high-street and designer shops waiting to be discovered. I love the boutiques in Temple Bar and Cows Lane, and the Powerscourt Townhouse is the most heavenly place to wish-shop when pennies are scarce. (Esp. the antique jewellers!) Speaking of pennies, I'm afraid that I am one of the many women whose wardrobe is only ever curbed by cash-flow; but it does lead to some pretty pocket-friendly fashion posts.

I also love the charity shops along Georges St. that run from Dame St all the way to Rathmines, they are some of my favourite places to while away an afternoon. Plus, Dubs are super generous, those shops are often brimming with stuff and always staffed by great, local volunteers. That area of Dublin is pretty special anyway, both the locals and the buildings are bursting with character and there are some seriously stylish people who call it their stomping ground, I love it there.

A bit about why fashion…
I obtained an interest in fashion when I was growing up, my mum used to be a dress-maker and worked for a fabric designer in London, so I grew up surrounded by patterns, sketches, fabrics and pins and needles! Suffice to say style / fashion whatever you choose to call it, is in my blood. As soon as I started a part-time job I spent my pay on copies of Vogue and Elle which eventually led to, until recently, an editorial position at a fashion and lifestyle magazine. I love writing about fashion, reading about it, looking at it, shopping, dressing up and putting different looks together and therefore the blog takes up most of my time. I describe my style as half ultra feminine and half super edgy, a strange combination but I think it works.

My favourite designers include Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood; Dior and Herm├ęs for accessories and at the moment, subject to change, Burberry Prorsum for dresses. I like mixing up my clothes and my look, allowing how I feel on each particular day to influence the look, sometimes rock chic, sometimes classic, sometimes feminine but always edgy. It leads to a different vibe everyday which keeps my style changing constantly…

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Olivia Danielle Christmas Present Ideas!

Olivia Danielle Dressing from Head to Toe, definitely worth a visit this Christmas Season!

19 Church St Athlone Co. Westmeath
(353) 90-6472707

Kling Sneak Preview of Spring/Summer 2010!!

The first KLING STORE in Ireland. Located in the heart of the Dublin's Italian quarter. Dont' miss it!!!

Visit Kling New Store 2 Blooms Lane Lower Ormond Key, Italian Quarter, Dublin 1

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sales Shopping by Julie Cobbe

Sales Shopping – The Low-down!

It’s that time if the year again – in fact it’s actually a month earlier than it used to be but you don’t hear me complaining! The Sales have started and you will see a treacle of reductions in the coming weeks as more and more shops start to follow suit! So faced with rails of choices and shopping centres full of potential mistakes how can we reduce the waste and increase the taste? How do we know when a bargain is really a bargain?

The first and most important rule (which in my opinion should be in the shopping rule book for women – (yes ladies I think there should be rule book) is that a bargain is only a bargain if you actually wear it! Sounds ridiculously like common sense yet open the doors of our over crammed wardrobes and you will quickly find out what I mean. The floral cardi that would go with the perfect pencil skirt you don’t yet have, the sky high stilettos that Kate Moss rocked down the red carpet have yet to be rocked outside your front door due to your fear of heights or remember those black leggings? The two pairs you bought to go with your new stylish casual winter ensembles only to pile them into an already overcrowded mixed up jumble of mistakes. Am I being harsh? Perhaps. But at least this way we have some semblance of the predicament our wardrobe may find itself in if we let ourselves lose before reading some top Style Fish Sales Tips!

When you’re braving the shops think about it logically. What were you looking for before the sales? What did you try on in November, love and didn’t buy because it was too expensive. This is always a good starting point. Its one of the biggest mistakes all women make! If it’s reduced by a huge amount we somehow feel an overwhelming allegiance to the Item purely based on the fact we have found it amongst the mounds of clothes and hordes of shoppers. It’s almost as if it is our job to love it. Well, if you liked it in November and you still like it now – it will be a good purchase.

If you do find something you truly love only to find it’s not left in your size, don’t fret. It wasn’t meant to be. In fashion just like in life – something’s are better left to chance! Unless it is easy to alter and you know you won’t just leave it hanging in your wardrobe, leave it back. In my experience anything we buy with the intention of altering, never sees the light of day again and if we do bring it to the tailor more often than not, the rejigged version is never like it was on the mannequin – so think twice. If it doesn’t fit, move on and find something that does! It’s like trying to change a man – it just can’t be done and usually isn’t worth the effort.

Really start to think about the reasons we buy our clothes. We buy them because we love them! They make us feel good and allow us to tell a little part of ourselves to the world – they allow us to express ourselves and we think and expect each and every item we buy to fulfil its duty no matter how much it cost. And rightly so or why buy it! Why then does this part tend to go flying out the window at the sight of a big red tag with the magic words ‘marked down’ blazoned across it? When we start buying clothes because they are cheap – we need to step away from the counter and start evaluating our wardrobes…closely.

We have all made mistakes, we have all made impulse purchases, it is sometimes part of the fun but when our wardrobes are ruled by a red tags rather than by a real reason, we need to stop! It’s what became much too common place before the dreaded ‘R’ word became came to the fore. So to make the sales really working for you, start looking at your basics – your Jeans, your day dresses, your coats, your good boots etc. Sometimes if we are not happy with this section of our wardrobe, the sales can be a good opportunity to fine tune these more expensive Items. It’s only when we have this right that we can comfortably have fun with the ‘fun’ element of the sales – buying something we wouldn’t normally touch, just because it is marked down!

We all need our wardrobes to start working harder than ever before and to see this happening; we too need to be part of that process to really see the results!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Making Christmas Special at Coze Di Roze

December Boots Promotion all reduced by 30% - Hoss Intropia, Gucinari, Miss L'Fire and Felmini.

Clothing ranges, Northland and Nomad now reduced by 25%. This includes coats, dresses, knitwear and jersey pieces.

Leather Key Wallets €20

Silk Shoe Bag €5.50

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gee Gee to Debut at Pure

New designer womenswear brand GeeGee will make its debut at Pure London in February.

Created by fashion entrepreneur Rebecca Agouropoulos, GeeGee encapsulates the urban zeitgeist but with a twist - subtle references to a variety of country themes runs through the collection.GeeGee's Rebecca

The range incorporates traditional soft British tailoring in high quality fabrics with key looks including beautiful jackets, unique gilets, softly-tailored shirts and cord jodhpur style leggings.

The first collection will be available to stockists from December 2009 and, unusually these days, every single piece is made in England.

Rebecca is currently working with her designers to create the AW10 collection and she is determined that the brand will support British manufacturing, without compromise. As well as ensuring a high level of quality, working with British manufacturers means that re-ordering will be quicker and easier for retailers.GeeGee

Prior to setting up GeeGee, Rebecca worked with the brand Supremebeing and was instrumental in growing it into a global fashion label.

Rebecca says one of her key goals in showing at Pure is to discover at least ten new retailers to work with, from designer boutiques, high end country stores and department stores across the UK. "I know from my Industry experience that Pure is where many retailers visit in order to discover exciting new brands and place their forward orders. The directional floor plan is a fabulous space for me to show the GeeGee collection, along side my peers in the mid-luxury market. This will make it as easy as possible for retailers interested in stocking the GeeGee brand to find me, which is what Pure does so well."

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Delilah Fashion Stylist

How to Walk In High Heels.
There is nothing more stylish than a woman who can walk in heels with confidence, but it is very inelegant if you cannot walk in your shoes. Walking in high heels is an easily learned skill that requires practice and discipline. First, you should only wear shoes that are comfortable, even if this means wearing a lower heel. I always advise my clients to wear the height, shape, and style that is the most comfortable and most flattering. Start small and work your way up. Don't go from never having worn heels to slipping on a pair of four-inch stilettos. There are many heels to choose from, varying in height, thickness, and shape. Training your feet will allow your ankles to develop the strength they need to walk safely and gracefully in high heels. Begin with a shoe that has a broad, low, heel with plenty of support (such as ankle straps). Kitten heels (low, skinny heels) or wedge heels (where the heel is fully attached to the sole of the shoe) are good to start with. Practice standing in high heels. In front of a full length mirror, stand for a while, then turn slightly to each side. You will be able to check your posture and profile. Your posture should be straight, shoulders back and chin up. Noteveryone can wear the same height of heels. Stand in your shoes on a hard floor with your knees straight, and see if you can raise yourself on your toes. If you can’t, the heels are too high for you right now, and you should not wear them. As you walk in high heels, remember to keep your legs straight, close, and as parallel as possible. Take small steps. Put your heel down first right before your toes. Once your weight is on the balls of your feet, shift your weight forward, as if you're walking on your tip toes. Wear your heels for a day around the house before you wear them out. Don't forget about the stairs — place your entire foot on each step as you come down the steps, but only place the ball of your foot on each step as you go up. Bring a pair of flat shoes with to wear when your feet require a break; and add cushioning for extra comfort.
See You Next Week!
Fashion stylist
087 63 91 956

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