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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nicky's Rag Tales

I had a terrible nightmare last night which I thought I would share with you. I was in my showroom and had two customers at the same time (this is something that becomes inevitable with Irish timekeeping habits!) and is something I dislike, as each customer really needs and deserves my undivided attention. I was trying to convince one of them to buy Falke tights and I was getting quite het up when they wouldn’t take notice of my brilliant message. Into the showroom walked about thirty members of my family including those I don’t get on with, as well as three strange French men!! It was a total nightmare as I was very obviously out of control and losing the customers.

That nightmare illustrates exactly where I am at the moment. It’s always the same at this time of year. Preparing for the beginning of the season is like preparing for a marathon. The build-up is intense and demands a huge amount of work and lots of perseverance.

I spent yesterday in London going through the two Jaeger ranges on their way in, Boutique by Jaeger and Jaeger London. There is always the worry before I see a new collection that it is going to be awful luckily they didn’t disappoint, each of them with great strengths and a completely different theme and customer. I know that Jaeger are already hugely successful in Ireland so I am hoping to build up the Independent Boutique trade so that women will be able to buy those gorgeous coats, knits and dresses in their local Boutiques.

Making appointments is on my ‘must do’ list at the start of every day and my pet hate. Anyway time to get back to the phone. Have a fashionable week ahead….

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