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Sunday, January 11, 2009

DIY Fashion for Tweens

Est. Today's Design Studio, which recently launched into beta, offers tweens an online canvas along with a set of tools for creating the T-shirt of their dreams. Users begin by picking a style of T-shirt to work with—white, pink or grey—along with a theme for their design; options include "charms," "fun sayings," "glam" and "athletic." They then drag and drop the designs they like onto the shirt they've chosen, including background, accents and logo, until they're happy with their creation. Custom-design tees can then be shared with the Est. Today community and submitted in the site's contests; they can also be purchased for USD 18. New York-based Est. Today sells a variety of other clothing in its online shop as well. Items are available only within the US, and are typically shipped out within one to two days.
Is there any demographic that *doesn't* like doing it themselves?

thanks to Jane from Springwise for the article

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