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Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Fashion Industry Insider

Six airports in three days, meetings in London and Milan, the sun blazing outside while I sat in showrooms. Such is the nature of the life of a Fashion Agent at this time of year. The most interesting thing about these meetings is not the viewing of the collections or the ensuing discussions that take place over each garment, nor the reviewing of business past or future. It is the meeting and networking that takes place between Agents from different countries. The swapping of stories and the interesting similarities and differences between each of the countries.

Coming from Ireland with a population of 4.2 million and sitting beside the German agents with a population of over 80 million is somewhat humbling. We Irish used to pack a big punch, now we pack a somewhat smaller one! Real differences emerge on the colours that each country feels are right for the coming season. In multi ethnic countries with many different skin tones the possibilities of selling a peach coloured dress are much bigger than in Ireland and I have to fight hard for the Irish to make sure that we get the best for our particular market.

I have literally just arrived home too tired to talk but needing to be back in the showroom early tomorrow. The Jaeger collection will be in Dublin for the first time from 3-13 August and I need to tell all my customers and make appointments. Falke will be arriving soon and there are days of preparation for that range. Nicowa will be in the second week in August and meantime the fabulous first Ready to Wear Yummie Tummie collection will be here in July. I’m getting pretty exhausted just thinking about what I have to do in the next two weeks in preparation so right now I think I better get to bed. Time for a hot chocolate I think? Have a fashionable week ahead…..

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