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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rowena Doyle..Visual Sense

Seasonal Events.....Valentine’s Day.

Seasonal events can often be hard to portray in a boutique. Take Valentine’s Day for example I often get asked do I need to make a window for this?

Making a window or promotion all depends on if you feel the effort you put in will add any sales to your till. So if you hang three hearts in your window, will this make an impact and make people want to buy or will it go unnoticed? Many times I feel it’s best to either do something OTT and use it as a marketing idea or just let it pass on by.

Some ideas could be:

1. Use the window to promote a local wedding!

2. Prepare an event to take place in the store for Valentine’s Day!

3. Do something for all the single ladies out there!

Men are meant to buy us ladies a gift for Valentine’s Day and making it easy for them when they (or if they) dare to enter a ladies boutique is key to selling. After working in the men’s area for some years we constantly found straight lines in our displays with no frills and VERY large price signs worked best. We would always also never have any large displays near the offer area and keep it to a location near the door.

I often see stores make a red section somewhere in their store, by adding all the clothing that fits in this category into one wall area or fitting, the trouble here is so many retailers do this that it can become over kill. I would say try something subtle and keep it really clean and simple maybe just some dinner date ideas and if you can add something as a free bonus if they buy one of these ideas even better.

Over the next few months we will have lots of small events such as ST Patrick’s Day, Easter and so on, my advice is unless it relates to your business then leave the frills to the supermarkets J


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