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Monday, November 3, 2008

Get Mary-Kate Olsens Smokey Look!

Get Mary-Kate Olsens Smokey Look, by Makeup Artist Roisin Derrane!

This weeks look is all about eyes, shimmery foundation and nude lips. Eyes are an area where you can be creative and have no real limitations. Here I used liquid liner, pencil and eyeshadow to create a smouldry look. I suggest altering your eye pencil for a day look to light brown or grey, but go for black for a smouldry look.
Step 1: Use a liquid foundation sparingly, dot foundation around centre of face and blend outwards using a foundation brush. To keep skin fresh swap your heavy powder for a bronzer in a natural shade like Terracotta by Guarlain, sweep this lightly along cheekbones, forehead, bridge of nose and chin.
Step 2: Brows; brush through and use a shadow to fill in rather than a pencil for a softer finish, try Laura Mercier Brow powder Duo, which has a double ended brush. Use small side to fill in arch area and thicker side for the rest.
Step 2: Apply black eyeliner to upper and lower inner eye area, smudge pencil gently into lashes. Using a sponge type applicator, blend pencil into a Smokey circle around eyelash area top and bottom. First, using the eyeshadow applicator, softly blend brown shadow over pencilled area just above lashes and blend outwards to create a flick. Next arc brown shadow into the crease of the eyelid using a small eyeshadow brush concentrating the colour on the crease and outer half of the eye to get an almond shape, then blend well with a large shadow brush in circular movements. Use a shimmery beige eyeshadow to highlight eyebrow arch and dab some on inner corners to open them up. Finish with lots of black mascara; try Smashbox for intense black and longer lashes.
Tip of the week: when creating Smokey eyes, do eyes before foundation, and if you use Lid primer over lid before eyeshadow, it will last a lot longer, try Benefit lid primer from Brown Thomas. Prep skin with a light, oil free moisturiser rather than a heavy one, don’t forget theirs enough moisturiser in liquid foundation to keep dry skin looking good.

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