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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Some Women Just Don't Want to Settle by Julie Cobbe

Each & Every Day we are surrounded by marketing messages – “Buy this”, “Try that”, “5 Years Younger”. Our heads are buzzing with the possibilities surrounding us & our lives. The hopes we aspire to & the dreams that help define our being.
We want it all and we don’t want to settle. Think of your absolute favourite pair of Jeans. This is the pair you got right without even knowing the reasons why! It could be the cut, it could be the colour; it could be so many reasons. The point is you spent your hard earned money and you got it right! This is what we don’t just want some of the time, we want this all of the time. We no longer want to settle for mistakes or mismatches in our wardrobe or anywhere else. If fashion has thought our worn out wallets anything – it is the power of the dream. The power in that feeling of confidence when you’ve bought a dress you’ve had your eye on for ages. The flutter of expectation you feel when you think about the happy moments this Item has in store as you hand over your hard earned money.
Granted, we may not always get it right, but we have damn well put our heart and soul into our purchases. We’ve had the high hopes as we eagerly ran to the changing room. We have visualised inspired outfits concocted from the Item even before we’ve left the shop. This ladies is why in life as well as in Fashion – sometimes no matter how hard we try to make it suit us, how much we love it or how good our intentions – sometimes we have to admit defeat & tell ourselves it’s just not right for us, it is better get rid of it, giving it a better home in someone else’s wardrobe (step in Swop Shops!). It is ultimately better to have loved and lost than never loved at all.
But what these Items teach us is the importance of never settling – the perfect ones are out there, the ones we will truly love & cherish, the ones that make us utterly happy, without thin days, without compliments, without anything only the knowledge that we went out, picked it out, brought it home, got it right and loved it! Right or wrong, our reasons for purchasing are honourable; we continually have high hopes & unequivocally trust our instincts as we hand over our money. Sometimes we are right, sometimes we are wrong – but one thing’s for sure; we will never ever settle.

Julie has a Business Law Degree from UCC & following that worked as a Wedding Co-Ordinator in London where her love of Fashion really went up a notch! Julie has been involved and been involved in organizing projects such as Ireland's first ever Designer Wedding Dress Sample Sale ('Billion Dollar Brides') bringing hundreds of affordable designer wedding dresses to women across the length and breadth of Ireland! She has appeared on TV3's 'Xpose' and has written for numerous bridal magazines & newspapers on everything from fashion & weddings to life & love! Having a Passion for Fashion Julie qualified as a Style Coach in 2007 & set up Style Fish to give women back the power to feel 100% stylish themselves about all aspects of their Image, Clothes, Make-up, Hair, Shopping etc through a 7 week evening Class! It is about empowering women, giving knowledge, confidence & Inspiration in a fun and professional class setting. Julie says “Sometimes as women we can get disillusioned with what the press portrays as ‘fashion’ it can be daunting and a somewhat idealised concept, hence women get stuck in a rut of being someone they become comfortable with, but that image doesn’t necessarily excite them! That’s what Style Fish is changing!”

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