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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gorgeous Couture for the Juicy Girl


Fun, funky and eye catching, the new collection from Juicy Couture has an array of mouth watering timepieces that is sure to brighten up the new season ahead.

A splash of colour can be seen right across the range with a focus on bright pinks and eye catching yellows and oranges. The Juicy Couture timepiece collection this spring takes over from the dark muted tones of the winter past and brings with it a sense of fun. Exciting pieces that will really enhance the new spring outfit, its time to unveil our fun and flirty sides with a fablicious new accessory from the one and only Juicy Couture!

For the outspoken girl, the Juicy Couture Princess €89 is a must, loud in every way, the adorable Princess screams attention and that is just what this Juicy girl wants. Available in bright pink, burnt orange and cornfield yellow, the Princess timepieces will certainly get this party going.

Every girl wants to be rich and now you can feel rich too – the Rich Girl €149 collection oozes appeal in every way. With its bold colours in daring yellow and ruby red, you are sure to make a statement around town with this accessory.

For the dedicated Juicy fan, embellish your girlie side with the Violet timepiece €89. With the Juicy logo embellished all over this timepiece you can now show off your love of all things girly with either the baby pink or simple white dangling from your arm.

Calling all you preppy girls, the Prep €119 range of Juicy Couture timepieces are a delicate range of watches. With the crown detailing embellished on the front of the face we ‘heart’ this watch.

For the glamorous girl who knows and understands her sense of style the Stella €229 is a real must have. With the diamante encrusted face and roman numeral detailing taking centre stage this watch is a real show stopper. For the more understated, the J Couture SS Bracelet €199 will allow the true fashionista in you to shine through.

With so many sensational styles hitting the shelves all over this little island, girls everywhere are flocking into town to get their hands on the must have accessory for this season.

For further stockist enquiries please contact 01 295 8400

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