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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Fashion Industry Insider by Nick Harris

'The Season' is in full swing and our showroom is buzzing. Over the years Fahions come and go, customers come and go. Each season we add more to the wonderful life stories that we weave together, catching up on business, family which have nothing at all to so with fashion but everything to do with relationships which are the lifeblood of any business.
The Job of an Agent has two sides. One is to represent the Companies and the second is to form a relationship with the customers. Companies would like to think that our alegience to them comes first and in truth we let them think that because it keeps them happy. We attend range meeetings before the start of each season and tell thm their range looks great (even if privately, occasionaly it looks like a dogs dinner!) After all it's too late at that stage for any changes to be made.
Out main alegience is always to our customers, those who come to our showroom Season in and Season out and place orders with us. They trust us to tell them when we think certain garments should be bought and trust us when we tell them that certain others shouldn't. The customers are our life blood and it doesn't matter how wonderful the companies are ( and we do our utmost to look after their business in Ireland) As on the shop floor 'The customer always comes first'.
Next week I will be in London with some of my customers for London Fashion Week at the Jaeger London Catwalk show which will be great fun in a very business like way , of course! So Fashions come and go but hopefully the retailers will remain and they will continue to do what they do so well. Buying great clothes and providing Irish women, who so love style and fashion, great choice across the many collections on offer.
Have a great week ahead.....

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