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Monday, February 15, 2010

From the Blogs

Monday's Round up of the Irish Fashion and Beauty Blogs Approaching Spring Summer with Tess Purcell:
The Spring Summer Season is now in full swing in our stores – with all sorts of interpretations of the seasonal trends which have eventually trickled their way from the catwalks to the high street. But this can prove a little overwhelming for people who haven’t quite settled on a style that they are personally happy with. more Tips for choosing the right footwear.
For most of us the reality is that we own more heels than flats or runners, and we have all bought a pair that looked so pretty we had already decided they were coming home with us before we even tried them on.Although for years I have been a slave to shoes I fell in love with, I have now become a bit more conscious of what I put on my feet. There is no point in saying that we are not going to wear heels as much, but if you don’t want to end up with angular toes (medically known as bunions) or trips to the foot doctor, more Urban Outfitters

News just in…….Urban Outfitters are currently running a ‘buy one get one free’ offer on their nail varnish…..perfect for a guilt free Monday treat. more

Nickys Rag Tales: Fashion News Round Up

Tributes are pouring in following ‘Lee’ Alexander Mc Queens death last week. Sales of his trademark skull scarves and all things carrying his label are being bought up in stores across the world. On Friday his Press Office issued an urgent call to all Fashion Editors to immediately return any samples from the current or past seasons that were on loan (good luck with that one!)

White Rabbit: Style is comfort

I think style as about dressing in what feels comfortable. It may sound simple but I am still learning about it. It is not only about choosing the right size and fit, but also about knowing which clothes will become your second skin. How many times it happened to me that I was wearing a novelty piece, or something I saw on somebody else and admired, and I felt like a sheep dressed in wolf’s clothes. To know how to be stylish is to know yourself.more

Soooali: Check Mate
Houndstooth is such a classic pattern. I found this jacket in Camden Market last year and fell in love with it. It’s a perfect fit. Often I’m running out the door and don’t have time to think of nice outfits to wear, but a jacket can change that so easily. This is the most popular go-to jacket in my wardrobe. It makes me feel like I’m not invisible, because it’s so bold. I saw ‘A Single Man’ today and was blown away. If you’re an emotional person, you can really get sucked right into it, which is quite powerful. The visuals and music are superb. The intensity throughout is executed to perfection, more

I Blog Fashion: London Fashion Week AW 10/11
t's back! London Fashion Week kicks off again at Somerset House this Friday for the unveiling of its AW10 collections. I'm all sorts of excited. Don't know which tickets I've scored until I get to my hotel on Thursday which makes the anticipation all the more palpable. Wonder if this tee I bought will finagle me a front row seat next to 'the bob'? Anna and Annmarie. Besties! Has a ring to it, dontcha think?

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