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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Brand of the Week- Olga de Polga

The Olga de Polga range is largely inspired by vintage clothing and illustration from the world over. There is a particular emphasis on fibre and texture to enhance a garment's style and wearability. The strong sunlight and clear colours of Olga Stone's native Australia are clearly evident in her label. Her collections show an uncanny eye for the emerging trends that are most wearable and flattering with a quirky twist making her look individual but feminine. The range of prints is tremendous; from classic wallpaper to styles to English bouquets, exotic eastern patterns, repetitive animal prints and many of the classic motifs of spots, stars, chevron stripes and other geometrics.

Peekaboo Agencies, the exclusive agent for the brand are currently selling the Spring/Summer 2011 collection in Fashion City. For more information please contact Laura on 087-6396406.

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