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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nickys Ragtales

Since I last posted life has turned up a notch or two. This always happens at this time of year. You get six-eight weeks to do a huge chunk of business as an agent when you are selling forward. I’m selling three collections at the moment, Jaeger, Falke and Yummie Tummie. Three more arrive in next week. Each has their own method of doing business with the individual companies fighting for my time. Some of the companies are very good at leaving us to get on with the job in hand. Others conveniently forget that we are self-employed and so I spend time playing the dodgems. I only answer urgent emails, don’t fill in reports and never do projections. That may all sound a bit rebellious but believe me it makes perfect business sense and talking to other agents I’m not in a minority. Our task as agents is to present the collections, sell and manage all customer queries and problems. Given that the life blood of both a designer/manufacturer is sales and given that I am an agent it is ridiculas that I should spend my time on anything that does not involve the getting on with the job of selling


I’m really getting to grips with Twitter; it’s really quite addictive. I ‘followed’ Mary Portas last night and looked at who she is following (I felt like a Twitter spy but this is the way it’s done apparently) I added about fifty of the most interesting fashion Tweeters on her following list! The only way I can use Twitter is by using ‘Tweet Deck’ which you download for free onto your computer and you can then set up columns with whatever you wish, including Linkedin and Face book updates. It’s a great way to socially engage and learn what is going on as well as throwing in your own tuppenceworth once in a while. If you are a boutique owner, open a Twitter account and let everyone know what’s happening in your shop! Or if you are like me and have opinions on everything and anything just do it and see….

Have a fashionable week ahead.

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