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Monday, August 23, 2010

From The Blogs

Weekly roundup of all the news and views in the Irish fashion and beauty blogs!!!

A Peek at Topshop’s A/W Collection

As always we can rely on Topshop to offer us all the trends at budget friendly prices, or fast fashion as we like to call it. The theme for their Autumn Winter collection incorporates a mix of peasant chic with prairie style skirts and dresses, switching to the opposite end of the scale hinting towards old English country gentry (super or oversized in this case!). Expect to find: faux fur, lace (even in footwear!), animal print, metallics, tweeds and crochets. They have covered every angle on the trends this season with something to suit all.

Rag Tales Weekly News Round Up

I’m glad to see my views on strapless wedding gowns are so far being vindicated. I feel this is a trend that needs stopping in it’s tracks. Look at all the women whom we can save from dodgy boob and underarm spillage in wedding albums which will end up being hidden due to embarrassment! Keep commenting and voting in the post below and lets nail this one.

Fake Tan Disasters

So we've all been there right? The streaky moments, the dirty tan that won't come off, the stinky bottle that has left a weird residue, that mortifying moment when it starts to rain and your 'instant bronzer' starts to run off your legs, leaving winding white streaks behind.... the list goes on and on but those are fairly 'normal' tan problems - however the oompah lumpah effect - one that you would hope most lads and ladies are now very aware of - is still believe it or not, rearing it's ugly brown head.

Clever Couture

British designer Pam Hogg has been in action since the '70s. Friends with Debbie Harry and Siouxsie Sioux back in the day, her current collections are worn by the likes of Gaga, Rihanna and Kylie. This is clearly not fashion for the faint-hearted.

Key pieces in her collection include embroidered, white satin, high-waisted hot-pants worn with an oversized tulle cape. There's also an eye-catching second skin catsuit with graphic chevrons of dazzling silver and fiery orange.

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