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Friday, August 27, 2010

Select Boutique

Select Boutique is located in Augustine Street and is Galway's most spacious luxury boutique. Offering a superior level of personalised customer service in a relaxing and inviting environment, Select gives shoppers unprecedented access to cutting edge fashion labels .

The items of clothing at Select Boutique are selected on the basis of the needs of our customers. The goal of the clothing items is to provide a solution for the target public at all hours of the day and in accordance with the most up-to-date fashion trends.

complete look at the Select Boutique upgrades a woman’s appearance to a fashionable one, without sacrificing comfort. The sales process is accompanied by personal guidance that makes it possible to add a new and fashionable touch, time and time again, in accordance with the customer’s nature. This is what distinguishes Select boutique from a dynamic fashion chain.

The range of products and colours changes at a pace that is in keeping with global fashion dynamics, with an emphasis on building entire colour-adaptable ensembles in a fashionable atmosphere.

Select Boutique carefully preserve’s a boutique ambience: an intimacy that makes it possible to maintain a direct and personal relationship with each and every customer. This promotes the phenomenon of customers returning to the store more than once a season. That’s why we take care to refresh the items throughout the year as well.

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