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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nickys Ragtales

I am probably more than half way through my main selling period and while the Jaeger collection is being packed up ready to go back Nicowa is on its way in. And so the juggling continues apace. Since it’s my birthday today I took time to look back over the past year at my career as a Fashion Agent. This time last year was extremely stressful with customers either not coming or those that did in seriously downbeat mood.

This season there is a much more positive tone and new customers have been beating a path to my showroom eager to look at the new collections. The regulars are all coming in with no excuses or problems. They are all being cautious but they are not talking doom and gloom. Perhaps they are fed up talking about it and since we are all still here there is no more talk of business hanging on by a thread. There is more talk about tightening up their whole business, cutting expenses and spending on good quality labels, which are carefully bought. I put no pressure on any new customers as I like to build up strong relationships with them leading to organic growth in business.

The future definitely looks brighter as those boutiques that are in business are being cautious in a positive way and those that were under sever stress are starting to see a little light.

Keeping current, offering really great customer service, embracing social media. Offering good value (not necessarily cheap) and above all providing a mix of personally selected pieces from the best of each of the collections chosen. These are the ingredients that make up only part of those boutiques that will succeed and grow throughout the coming year.

‘Happy Birthday to me’ and here’s to the year ahead….! Have a very fashionable week ahead.

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